Exclusive Invite for BID Members and Levy Payers

In a bold experiment, the Chichester Chamber of Commerce and Industry has invited the Business Improvement District to team up with one of our largest contributors to the financing of the BID area, The House of Fraser. The BID levy payers, led by our very own department store, will be hosting the next monthly networking evening in the usual series organised by the Chamber. This is a singular opportunity for all interested levy payers to gather under one roof with members of the Chamber, many of whom are trading outside of the BID Area, and hosted by one of its major financiers.

At this gathering, you will be able to explore links not only with these important organisations, but also between levy paying businesses in the City Centre, from the largest to the smallest of our SMEs.

House of Fraser is a big national brand and a major anchor store for visitors to our City. We have all seen the store go through a major refurbishment and this event will provide you with an exclusive VIP look inside the House of Fraser, not only the physical shop but importantly, its thinking.

The evening is essentially a special look at how the BID area businesses can develop the business model of their community. Simon Bowman, the store manager will be presenting exciting proposals for how the store will maximise its presence in the City by partnering up with the business community of fellow levy payers. The focus of the BID Support Team in the second term is independent business and Simon is participating in this drive. He will not only be showcasing his own impressive catering team, but also has invited two independent levy payers to present their wares by way of example of how House of Fraser intends to collaborate in the future. As with all our major businesses, Simon understands that without our SMEs the City would be far less attractive and this evening is an open invitation to come and develop a working relationship.

The BID Support Team are participating as part of the two second term commitments to work more in partnership and to promote development opportunities for business among BID members. To maximise the investment of your levy, we need eighty participants on the night, so make sure you do not miss this unique occasion and bring a colleague. Rendez-vous from 6pm in the Wild Mint Café of the House of Fraser on Monday 12th March.

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