City Rangers Come to Chichester

By May 29, 2018BID News

For some time Chichester BID team have been looking for a suitable solution to the issues that city businesses face on a daily basis in respect of Pedlars, Buskers and Charity Chuggers to mention a few. As part of our overall strategy for the delivery of Priority 3 (Organised and Safer City) in the 2017-22 Business Plan, the BID team have employed two Rangers to patrol the city centre in a pilot scheme. They will run for four months on a three day a week basis. This will include every weekend and one other day that will change each week.

The role of the BID Rangers will be to

  • Patrol the city centre to prevent, intervene and report crime to the relevant authorities
  • Deter anti-social, offensive or obstructive behaviour and therefore deter crime
  • Provide advice and directions to visitors
  • Help visitors to find your business

The BID Rangers will operate also in support of ChiBAC Shopwatch, which means that they will be able to respond directly to requests for help from those of you who are members of the radio scheme. However the Rangers are not the Police, so if you have an emergency please contact the relevant emergency service.

The BID Team is hopeful that running this pilot scheme will lead to improved levels of enforcement by the authorities. It does not replace everyone’s responsibility to continue reporting all incidents to West Sussex County Council, Chichester District Council or Sussex Police, but the BID Rangers will be there now to help you do this more effectively.

You can call the Ranger mobile during operational hours (Weekday 11am-4pm, Saturday 11am-5pm, Sunday 11am-4pm) on 07761 637596.

If you have any questions, please contact Chichester BID office Monday-Friday on 01243 773263.