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The stunning historical Cathedral City of Chichester, nestled within the beautiful national park is 70% of the reason why the tourists visit this stretch of the South Coast of England. Chichester is a unique City, offering a fantastic array of retail, dining, services and entertainment experiences, all set within gorgeous Georgian streets and lanes.

Chichester Businesses

57% of businesses in the City Centre are retail and the national multiples now count for just over half of this sector. At the last count, Chichester had 71 clothing stores, 54 health and beauty boutiques, 18 gift shops and 14 furniture shops open. Food and drink abounds, with over 30 cafés; a bakers’ dozen of takeaways; more than 20 pubs, hotels and bars; and nigh on 30 restaurants.

City Centre service industries do well too with 30 hair stylists, 18 estate agents, a dozen legal firms, all 11 national banks, 14 specialist financial or investment institutions and 12 businesses in the creative industries, at 6% per annum the fastest growing sector in the national economy.


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Chichester’s Visitors

Easy to get around with it’s Roman layout, nine major tourist attractions are within easy walking distance of the central Market Cross and in spite of the impact of online sales, Chichester’s central streets still throng with more than 9 million visitors a year, among whom you will find 48% under 45 and 31% are under 30. Chichester has remained popular with visitors over 65 (26% of visitor footfall), although only 18% of this age-group state themselves as being retired.

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