Jeanette Hockley

Member Services Manager

As Member Services Manager Jeanette is responsible for all Chichester BID members' events as well as the management of all aspects of the marketing and promotion of the city centre.

T: 07872 058117
E: [email protected]

Chichester BID Board

Colin Hicks


As Chichester BID chairman Colin uses his governance and organisational leadership experience, to chair the BID Board and steer the BID Team into new strategic partnerships and projects.

Adam Workman

Partner at Wannops LLP

Wannops’ involvement with Chichester and with offices located in the “Pallants” dates back to 1891. I joined the firm in 2009 and recognised how closely involved that business is with the daily life of the City. Chichester is a place where you can get to know the local businesses and industries and the people that run them, supply them and buy their goods and services from then in pretty short order.

Being a business lawyer running the company commercial department at Wannops, I am naturally interested in the commercial welfare of the City. Having worked as a solicitor and attorney in London, Bristol, Kansas City (Missouri) over 25 years, I can certainly view projects and initiatives undertaken by the Chichester BID with a fairly original perspective. The next decade of the life in this City is likely to involve accelerated change and I look forward to being part of that and expect the BID to be at the forefront of managing the City’s future prosperity.

E: [email protected]

Brendon Cook

Manager, Team Jobs, Chichester

I have lived in Chichester for 4 years – seeing it grow and prosper into the community it is today. I am honoured to be a part of Chichester BID and to be given the opportunity to have a say in how the city is changing.

I have been in business for the past 25 years, from being a Recruitment Manager to owning my own Recruitment Agency here in Chichester. The past 4 years have given me an in-depth knowledge of the eclectic mix of Chichester’s diverse population, thus enabling me to have a greater understanding of the city’s future needs.

E: [email protected]

Greg Mahon

Regional Director, Rathbones Chichester

Following 15 years in finance in London, Glasgow and Guildford I joined Rathbones in Chichester in 2002, becoming Regional Director in March 2010 and am responsible for its management and future development. I manage a substantial portfolio of individual private client portfolios, family groupings and charities in West Sussex, London & Cambridge and am also a Trustee Board Member of Stonepillow.

My interest in Chichester BID is quite simple. My business has been successful within Chichester and the surrounding environs and I would like to help others to be a success and at the same time further improve the City I love. I believe I can bring strategic thinking, organisational and profile raising skills to the Board of Chichester City Centre Partnership and I look forward to being a part of the team.

E: [email protected]

Steph Aburrow

Account Manager, Hennings Wine Merchants, Chichester

It is key that local government and businesses work closely together to achieve continued improvements for our City. The Chichester BID is a great way of doing this and not only helps bring about physical improvements but by working with partners including the District Council it is also an effective way of raising issues identified by BID levy payers. This year the BID and District Council have been working closely with organisations across the City on the Chichester Vision which is looking at the City’s needs over the next 20 years. This is an exciting time for Chichester and the BID is a crucial partner to help deliver the Vision and increase tourism to Chichester through events and more e ective marketing and communication.

E: [email protected]

David Coulthard


The BID is there to make Chichester an even better place than it is already – for both businesses and consumers – and to help bring people to the city to appreciate it. And that’s what it does, working in lots of areas, sometimes independently and sometimes bringing together partnerships. It’s a real force for good in Chichester and we would be much poorer without it.

E: [email protected]

Kay Mawer

Managing Director, Clothkits Ltd, Chichester

Having cut my commercial teeth in the family motor trade business, Fine Art graduate I revived the iconic textile design brand Clothkits from around my kitchen table. Over the last 10 years, I developed a flourishing Chichester based business encompassing e-commerce, bricks & mortar retail and the delivery of workshops to a loyal local and international audience.

In the summer of 2016, I founded local artisan collective Draper’s Yard in The Hornet, where 18 micro businesses are given a low cost, low-risk opportunity to start their own ventures within a creative and supportive environment.

I have been interested in joining the Chichester BID to help both give a voice to, and encourage support of the independent businesses within our area. The vitality and contribution brought by independent retailers, designers & creatives is critical to character, energy and individuality of a City.

Anthony Dignum

Leader of the Council, Chichester District Council

I have lived in Chichester since 2000 and am qualified as an accountant. I have been a senior director of leading retail businesses including Dixons, H. Samuel and Selfridges. I served as a West Sussex County Councillor for the Chichester South Division from 2001-05. I was Chairman of the Chichester Society, dedicated to preserving the city's heritage, from 2002-11. In 2011 I was also elected to Chichester City Council. I have two daughters and six grandchildren. One of my daughters lives locally and is a hospital consultant in Portsmouth. My leisure interests include history, cycling, downs walking and gardening.

Email: [email protected]

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