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Aren’t we lucky to be doing business in such a stunning City? Chichester is such a rich source of business opportunity with its shoppers, culture vultures, holiday-makers and locals alike. With changes in consumer-buying behaviour City centre dwell time on a national level is on the decline.  However, due to the BID levy that you pay we are supporting the City to bring businesses together to strengthen the City’s appeal and create reasons for more people to visit time and time again. 

Member Services

Working exclusively with BID members

Chichester BID continues to help your business succeed by…
Driving Footfall

Driving footfall into the City through the planning and support of B2C promotions.

Improving Dwell Times

Working directly with you to increase dwell times in the City. It’s over to you to convert these visits into sales.

Commercially Attractive

A thriving City centre is vital for the local business sector. Keeping Chichester as a great place for your staff to live, work, play and invest.

Developing Partnerships

The BID Team are here to help broker confident and trustworthy partnerships between you, the local authority and the private sector.

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