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In My View Column - Chichester Observer 1st June

Brendon Cook, MD Kiwi Recruitment

Brendon Cook, MD Kiwi Recruitment

Each month, Chichester BID has the opportunity to showcase initiatives, opinions and events through a column in the Chichester Observer called 'In My View' and quite literally is the view from each of the Chichester BID board members. May's edition was written by Brendon Cook MD Kiwi Recruitment and Chichester BID Director - published on 1st June 2017:

With all this uncertainty about Brexit, the Recruitment sector is booming. I am getting a strong feeling of confidence for the future from local businesses - work orders are up; decisions have been made – so let’s just get on with it.
We deal with several sectors of recruitment: Manufacturing, Industrial, Retail and Hospitality.  Over the past 2 months we’ve noticed the following trends: work is picking up, enquiries and orders are increasing and the need for new employees is growing. Whilst this is generally good news, it leads us to a skills shortage issue where more and more candidates are looking for better salaries and benefits. An example of this is Sous Chefs’ wages increasing from £9/h to £12/h and their requirements of normal shifts instead of split shifts.
In this candidate-driven market, some companies are not competitive enough to attract the best talent. The most notable change in the market place is the shift from an employer-led recruitment market, to a candidate-driven market. It’s time for businesses to consider what they have to offer to their employees besides a salary, considering a work/life balance offering and overall package that attracts the best talent for the job.

Some companies will continue to be rigid in their hiring requirements and they’ll miss out on the best people because of it. While other companies think that salaries from 2 years ago would be okay, the market has moved on.

Companies will need to prioritize on branding their employee experience in such a way that will entice prospective talent to want to work for them. It’s a fairly easy concept to grasp, market your business to make sure that you attract the best possible talent. Build your branding on employee benefits, career developments, and other enticing details. The first step is simple: make applying for your company easier and more accessible. Companies cannot afford to enforce a ‘wait-and-see’ approach when it comes to hiring quality talent. A hiring process should be drafted with candidate experience in mind. A bad experience in the recruitment process could potentially turn candidates off to the prospect of working for your company.

In My View Column - Chichester Observer 11th May

Each month, Chichester BID has the opportunity to showcase initiatives, opinions and events through a column in the Chichester Observer called 'In My View' and quite literally is the view from each of the Chichester BID board members. May's edition was written by Greg Mahon Rathbones – Regional Director and Chichester BID Director - published on 11th May 2017:

Disruptive technology – does it mean financial change for the better?

The latest developments in artificial intelligence and robotics might seem a world away from us here in Chichester. However, in the current wave of ‘disruptive technology’, these developments could soon have a big impact on the finances of each and every one of us.

It’s said that today, the world is changing more rapidly than ever. Certainly, technology is developing at a remarkable pace, altering how we work and live. In the wake of this, new industries appear while old ones slip away, start-up businesses replace traditional names, and our expectations as consumers are reset.

Looking at automation and the job market, change is afoot, with ‘intelligent’ technology being used to support (and in some cases replace) human workers across multiple sectors and functions.

As we adapt our lifestyles to match these changes in technology, we will inevitably begin to see a transformation in the landscape of our own local businesses. Platforms such as Chichester Business Improvement District (BID) will be as important as ever for communicating and sharing knowledge amongst our city.

But what does all of this have to do with your personal finances? How will technological breakthroughs connect directly to the money in your bank account?

The most obvious connection should appear in terms of prices. Increased efficiency and availability of products and services – thanks to new technologies – could have a positive impact on the prices you pay. But disruptive technology could also have an affect on your longer-term finances, in relation to your investments.

As new technologies create new industries, and disturb the status quo in more traditional sectors, so new opportunities for investment arise.

With so many factors at play, this is far from a binary debate. But one thing is for certain – change is constant. So taking time to understand how to maximise the financial opportunities it creates is a wise investment for anyone.

In My View Column - Chichester Observer 6 April

Each month, Chichester BID has the opportunity to showcase initiatives, opinions and events through a column in the Chichester Observer.

This column is called 'In My View' and quite literally is the view from each of the Chichester BID board members. The contributors to the column alternate per month so keep an eye out for the next insightful piece!

This month's edition was written by Chichester BID Chairman, Colin Hicks and published on 6th April 2017:

Ask anyone here and we all seem to agree that Chichester is a mighty fine place to live, work, shop and be entertained. Yet we have seen the changes to our shopping streets: less independents, more cafes, the march of the chains. What’s going on?

Well, shoppers are simply calling time on the old way of doing things. One fifth of all shopping for commodities – books, clothes, food, holidays, that kind of thing – now takes place online. This is a national phenomenon. Yet people are still on our streets, but looking for something else.

Luckily we are a canny nation of shopkeepers who have always allowed the market to decide, and that is what is happening. Just setting up shop with what we would like to sell no longer cuts the mustard, when our customers can get a lot of it online and, brought to their door for less. Irresistibly convenient.

So shoppers just got more demanding. Actually, they want to find things in Chichester that they can’t get online: a chance to meet friends over a decent coffee or a nice meal they haven’t had to cook, a health and beauty pamper, quality entertainment, a contribution to their well-being, an opportunity to learn something new, feed a passion for history, live like a local down at the food market; and yes – go shopping for the customer experience they just can’t get online.

But this time, as part of their day. A convenience buy from a national chain, advised by a savvy salesperson who knows just what they like, click and collect, smart just like London but within a ten minute walk and without the hassle. Then onto that quirky independent shop discovered down an unexplored twitten, with seductive personal service, followed by an impulse buy with no regrets. Shopping as entertainment, distraction, fun and novelty.

Luckily, Chichester has never been just about shops. We’ve got brilliant culture and heritage, fabulous opportunities for holiday fun and well-honed service to our demanding community. A great starting position to meet these new shoppers head on. In the jargon: no longer led by our supply but driven by their demand: that’s the trick.

Wake up and smell the coffee, don't they say?

Colin Hicks
Chair 2017-22
Chichester BID

Chichester Christmas Lights Switch-On Exclusive Sponsorship Package 2017

Chichester Christmas Lights 2016

Chichester Christmas Lights 2016

Each year, the Chichester BID team helps to deliver Christmas in Chichester, providing the City centre with Christmas festivities and the annual Christmas Lights Switch-On event. Every year we offer a business the unique opportunity to be the headline sponsor of this event which attracted over 12,000 visitors in 2016.

Chichester Christmas Light Switch-on is a free community event in the heart of Chichester City centre and this year we are offering this opportunity to our valued BID members first, before extending the opportunity to the wider business community. 

The event will take place on Thursday, 23rd November 2017. The evening will be hosted by Spirit FM radio with presenter (Ian Crouch) and performers to keep the large crowd entertained before lights are switched on by the event sponsor. 

For 2017, this exclusive sponsorship opportunity for a headline sponsor is on offer for just £4,000+VAT.

For more information on this package, please contact Jeanette Hockley at or call 01243 773263 by 19th May 2017.

Chichester Businesses Against Crime

What is ChiBAC? Chichester District Business Against Crime is a partnership committed to reducing crime, violence and anti-social behaviour throughout the Chichester District by pro-active partnership working. It is managed by a Board of Management made up from the membership from both the day and night time economies and is non-political and non-profit making.

ChiBAC incorporates the Shopwatch and Pubwatch schemes that previously operated within the city to help support and protect businesses within the district. The ChiBAC radio system links member businesses together, along with CCTV and the Police providing invaluable information and support. Exclusion notices are issued by ChiBAC to those who have committed crime against business or whose behaviour locally is unacceptable.

The Chichester District Business Against Crime (ChiBAC) was developed as a partnership between local businesses, Sussex Police, West Sussex Fire and Rescue, the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP), Chichester District Council, Chichester City Council, and other relevant agencies.
ChiBAC reduces crime, violence and anti-social behaviour throughout the Chichester District, by pro-active partnership working. ChiBAC is managed by a Board of Management made up from the membership and is non-political and non-profit making.

For a full list of benefits of being a ChiBAC member please contact or call 07785 715873

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In My View Column - Chichester Observer 23 June

Each month, Chichester BID has the opportunity to showcase initiatives, opinions and events through a column in the Chichester Observer.

This column is called 'In My View' and quite literally is the view from each of the Chichester BID board members. The contributors to the column alternate per month so keep an eye out for the next insightful piece!

This month's edition was written by BID Board Director, Brendon Cook

Something can always be done

When I moved here 4 years ago I wanted to immerse myself in my new home and, being a business-minded person, this meant building up business connections. After a while, I discovered a way to get a feel for Chichester and that was through the support of Chichester Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Chichester BID.

These outlets allow me to learn about what this city has to offer but equally give me the opportunity to challenge and advise using my business experience of 25 years. Directors involved with Chichester BID are lucky enough to have a say on business in the city, how it’s changing and how that impacts those around us but, more importantly, we can see and understand how the BID benefits Chichester. Whilst my business isn’t directly impacted by the BID, I can see the results of working together collaboratively to improve the city, rather than alone.  We can’t always get things right but we do learn from our mistakes – and that’s worth its weight in gold.

I’m not only speaking in my capacity here as a BID Board Director but from the perspective of a Chichester business owner in the recruitment industry. We are seeing a significant increase in local companies looking for skilled labour as the available workforce is declining. A lot of companies are now using the temp-to-perm option, providing them with extra safety and peace of mind with hiring. For these growing businesses it’s fundamental to be supported by organisations such as Chichester BID which works hard to help local firms to gain benefit and value from their levy.

Throughout my time on the BID Board, I’ve seen how long some of the planning processes can take - some of the improvements that we have proposed are taking over two years to be completed, simply due to admin and bureaucracy!

Despite this, what amazes me is the BID’s power to stand up on behalf of the businesses of Chichester. It has the ability push agendas, planning applications and improvements to the city through to the local councils – and be the collective voice of our city’s businesses.

Working cohesively, we look out for Chichester and do what we can to improve it as a place to live and work and as a destination to visit.  There is usually a solution to any obstacle and something can always be done, thanks to the positive attitude of the BID’s Board of Directors.

Brendon Cook, Chichester BID Board Director, Owner Kiwi Recruitment

June Update on SGN Gas Pipe Replacement project

The road closure at South Street junction Southgate, is being removed today (Thursday 9th June) resulting in vehicular access being via Southgate and exiting via West Street, as usual with the exception of buses.

Buses will continue to use the diversion route via Tower Street, Woodstaplers and Chapel Street.

All of the existing excavations in the vicinity of Old Market Avenue and South Street will be backfilled and surfaced, at the latest, by the weekend.  

However, engineering difficulties at this junction-  in the shape of a large unrecorded culvert -  prevented the necessary pipe connections being made, as planned.  

Representatives of the local authority visited the site to record the details and annotate on their records.  An additional 35 metres of pipe has had to be laid.

Therefore, Amec Foster Wheeler will continue to have a presence at South Street between Canon Lane and Tesco to transfer supplies to four properties.  Additional resources will be on site to ensure a timely finish to this section. The excavations will be small in size and should not cause too much disruption.

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) have agreed a further extension to the end of next week.

It is currently understood that WSCC will then follow and resurface South Street from the junction of Southgate to Cooper Street over two consecutive nights, however, exact details and dates have yet to be confirmed.

Chichester BID encourages all members that have been significantly affected with a loss of sales, due to the works disruption, to please apply to SGN for compensation.  SGN do consider all applications fairly and recognise these works have had significant impact over the last 3 months. The BID has the foot flow data to confirm a loss in dwell time over the duration of this project.

For compensation:

Please register your claim through Customer services: (0800) 912 1700. Customer Services will then log your query and redirect you.

Please find the compensation criteria below, which you can also request be sent to you by post:

For Engineering Enquiries only – Joe Good – (07775) 820 705

With thanks for your patience and tolerance with this necessary gas pipe replacement project.

In My View Column - Chichester Observer 31 March

Each month, Chichester BID has the opportunity to showcase initiatives, opinions and events through a column in the Chichester Observer.

This column is called 'In My View' and quite literally is the view from each of the Chichester BID board members. The contributors to the column alternate per month so keep an eye out for the next insightful piece!

This month's edition was written by Chichester BID Board Director, David Coulthard and published on 31st March 2016:

In My View… the intangible can often be more valuable than the tangible…

Almost a year since I arrived at Chichester Cathedral, Easter provides a moment to take a breath and reflect. Living as I do in Winchester, and having worked previously in Salisbury, I’ve built up quite a knowledge of cathedral cities. There’s a commonality of pride in their heritage and a recognition that the church at their heart adds something significant for those with and without faith. But there are also differences that set them apart, and I have come to appreciate that Chichester really is particularly blessed. We have a cultural offering that would be the envy of many a city – within a couple of weeks recently, the Festival Theatre launched its new programme and Pallant House Gallery opened a new exhibition showcasing John Piper’s textile designs. We also offer a truly high class shopping experience, combining household names with excellent independent businesses and small chains.

There is no doubt that the two feed off each other – the cultural riches of the city draw footfall which supports the retail and food and drink sectors, and vice versa. This will continue to be important during a period when the high street is under pressure throughout the country – the latest big name to struggle, being BHS. What will also be important is the city’s ability to offer new events that bring people in, and to work together to make coming into Chichester an even more attractive experience. These are two important roles for the Chichester BID to fulfil.

A few years ago I served on the board of a tourism organisation, its members were often very focused on the financial return that their membership fee generated for them. This was entirely sensible, but I was also struck by those who recognised that whilst some of the benefits could be counted, others would be less tangible. BID members also value those intangible benefits, as well as the events that we can all see and count the income from. The BID can represent the views of local businesses, lend weight to planning discussions and take on those issues around the city that deliver for the common good, as well as unlocking funds from other sources. It speaks powerfully of what can be achieved when people commit to working together. Now, about that European Referendum…

David Coulthard, Communar Chichester Cathedral and Director Chichester BID

Chichester Festival of Flowers shop window competition - 27 May

Festival of Flowers – Shop window Competition – Judging on Friday, 27th May!

The Festival of Flowers will be a three day spectacular: visitors will experience the beauty of Chichester Cathedral adorned with flowers and trees, a programme of live music, a Festival Market, a Plant Market where visitors can meet the growers of ‘Heaven Scent’ a pink developed especially for this years Festival, as well as being able to relax in the Café des Fleurs. Advanced booking is recommended via or 01243 813595 or in person from the Cathedral shop.

This will be the 11th year of the Chichester Cathedral Festival of Flowers and Chichester BID are proud to support it with our “Shop Window Competition 2016”…

We are delighted to announce that Jose Morum-Pound (Flower Designer 2014) will be judging the Festival of Flowers Shop Window Competition in Chichester on Friday, 27th May. The theme is “The artist’s Palette” so please support this wonderful event and get creative – you don’t have to be a shop to enter!

All businesses entering the competition will be listed in the Flower Festival programme, encouraging the thousands of people that attend this event each year, to come and see your window or premises.  Here are a list of this year’s entrants so far, and we invite more of you to raise your profile and take part.  Please do get involved:

Sahara, Little London
Little London Boutique, Little London
Age UK, Crane Street
Cook, East Street
Gerry Weber, East Street
Jigsaw, East Street
Montezumas, East Street
Phase Eight, East Street
Classix Clothing Northgate
Headromance, South Street
Cancer Research UK, South Street
Tinks Pretty Things, South Street
Timothy Roe, South Street
Countrytyle Interiors, The Hornet
Art For All, Eastgate

So why not show your support to these Chichester businesses and take a look at their entry into this year’s Festival of Flowers? For more information in respect of the window competition contact Jeanette Hockley, Events and Marketing Manager at Chichester BID 01243 773263 or 07872 058117.