Chichester BID

Here we explain the concept of a Business Improvement District, how they operate and why Chichester felt it needed one.

The Business Improvement District (BID)

  • A BID is a private sector initiative used to enhance business prospects and economic activity within a precisely defined geographical area. It may be as large as a town or city centre or as small as an industrial estate. The BID initiative involves collective efforts of the business community to solve problems that others are unable or unwilling to tackle.
  • The BID and the projects do not fund and cannot replace those services statutorily provided by public agencies such as the Police and Councils that are funded by your business rates. Instead the BID provides new funding for new projects and services in addition to those statutory obligations. The BID partnership therefore becomes an influential voice in all matters affecting the city centre.
  • Chichester BID includes all businesses within the inner ring road, including Metro House, The Hornet, St Pancras and Southgate.


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