Red Nose Day with Clothkits! Workshops & Crafty Gatherings

How many of these can you find...?

How many of these can you find...?

Clothkits Red Sock Challenge - Join in the trail this weekend, starting on Friday 13th March...

For Red Nose Day Clothkits is co-ordinating a trail around the businesses of Chichester. They are making sock creatures to hide around the town and entrants are invited to find as many as they can on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th March - with a fabulous sewing machine as the prize!

So far Clothkits has 25 businesses supporting the project and they hope to find a few more if they can make enough critters in time! Some businesses have made their own which is great! 

If you can't join in with the whole trail, join their social media competition for the 'Sock Selfie' with the most likes posted on their page:

Download the details below and join in this Friday to raise funds for Comic Relief!