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A27 Action Campaign - what do you, your employees and your customers think?

Tell us your views and together we'll work towards the improvements!

Tell us your views and together we'll work towards the improvements!

Thank you for your interest in the A27 Action campaign, particularly if you have already completed the business survey. The campaign supports work being done by the Department for Transport and the Highways Agency about the feasibility of investing in the A27.

This is an invitation to complete a household survey to gather key evidence to help inform the feasibility study. The survey is intended for residents affected by the A27 such as your employees and customers

This survey will be relevant whether or not you have a car or live near the A27.

We are looking to collect only the necessary evidence to understand the impact of a) traffic in your local area on your health and wellbeing b) poor road performance on the quality of your commute to work c) congestion on personal journeys in your area.

Some basic optional information about your household is also collected such as household composition and household income. Your views will help inform complementary transport strategies to encourage sustainable transport in your community. However, no personal information will be shared with third parties.

The survey may take between 5mins-12mins to complete. At the end of the survey, there will be an opportunity for you to provide feedback or invite other households to complete the survey.

We would be delighted if you could forward this email along to your employees and customers via email


In order to participate, you may either:

1. Click on this link


2. Copy-paste the entire following link between quote marks (NOT including the quote marks) in a web browser

" "


3. Click on the following URL and enter the login information provided below: & enter Key: SsRQRTSsSsPsPsP

With thanks from the Research Team for A27 Action

You may also send this survey on through the following link (Click here)

Chichester’s District museum offers Free entry!

Cathy Hakes, museum manager and Cllr Myles Cullen, Cabinet Member for Commercial Services, are joined by a Roman Soldier to celebrate the museum offering free admission.

Cathy Hakes, museum manager and Cllr Myles Cullen, Cabinet Member for Commercial Services, are joined by a Roman Soldier to celebrate the museum offering free admission.

Councillors decide that district museum should offer free admission

Leading councillors from Chichester District Council have decided that the council’s museum ‘The Novium’ will be made free for everyone from Monday 17 November 2014.

Since the museum opened two years ago, the council has been looking for ways to offer free entry. A new business strategy that explores ways in which this could be achieved was discussed by councillors at their Cabinet Meeting today (Tuesday 9 September).

“We have listened to our visitors and have been working on ways that would enable us to make the museum free for everyone,” says Cllr Myles Cullen, Cabinet Member for Commercial Services at Chichester District Council.

“Our museum team has been carrying out a great deal of work behind the scenes and has put us in a position where we can explore alternative forms of funding. They have also taken on board people’s comments and made significant improvements and so now is the time for us to offer free entry to everyone.

“We now want to encourage people to support their local museum by making a donation; using our shop; or even using our new tea and coffee facilities. This will make a big difference in helping the museum to go from strength to strength. This approach has worked for other museums across the country and so we believe that this will work for our museum. We are also planning to offer lots of exciting activities for the whole family – including crafts, games and expand our special events – many of which are already sold out.

“We want to encourage our local residents and visitors from outside of the area to explore the rich history of the district and use the museum as a key community location in the city, where people can meet and gather. We hope that providing free entry to the museum will mean that our visitor numbers will increase and that people will want to return again and again.”

The report suggested that if the admission fee was removed, the museum could explore other funding options. These include improving the shop, introducing touring exhibitions from some of the national museums which would be charged for; encouraging people to make donations; and holding more events including wedding hire of both the museum and The Guildhall. The Tourist Information Centre, located within the museum, would also expand the services it can offer.

Cathy Hakes, the museum’s new manager, is excited about the new developments and has already designed an action packed programme to welcome people through the door,

“We have so much to offer local residents. We now have a location where people can meet, do business, have fun as a family – all while rediscovering the area’s rich history. So you can pop in for a coffee and cake, while looking over the Roman Baths; have a business meeting while accessing our free WiFi; or join in one of our many events and activity sessions.

“We have an army of volunteers who can tell you all about the history of the district, while pointing out some of our more unusual artefacts. Plus, you don’t know who else you might bump into – from a Roman soldier to a Victorian gentleman.

“We are constantly developing the museum and what it offers and feel that it has already come a long way since it opened two years ago. We have new exhibits, interactive activities, events and information boards. The museum team are also offering regular lunchtime and evening lectures. The galleries are constantly changing so it’s definitely worth returning if you haven’t visited for a while. Popular events such as ‘The Night at the Museum’ have sold out – which is brilliant. Plus, we’ve held some fantastic events for a variety of businesses across the district. The museum is also a key asset to local schools and we have one of the largest handling collections (where people can touch exhibits) in the country.

“We’re also looking at attracting touring exhibitions from some of the national museums in the future. These would be placed in the upper galleries and there would be a fee to visit them. We’re also expanding what we can offer the local community and we are even hoping to hold weddings in both The Guildhall in Priory Park and The Novium Museum – so watch this space!

“We are really looking forward to welcoming our local residents and hope that the museum will become a key community facility that everyone enjoys.”

Home office guidance for CCTV usage

The pan-Sussex Licensing Officers Group has forwarded Home Office guidance to the use and proper installation of CCTV within small businesses.

This may be of benefit/interest to ChiBAC and BID levy payers within the city of Chichester.

Please find the guidelines available for download below.